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Gingerbread House Decorating

Christmas is my favorite. I've probably mentioned that once or twice. My husband likes to joke that I completely skip over Thanksgiving and the more I delve into the social media world, I see a lot of people do the same. I like to think of Thanksgiving as an extension of Christmas. Who cares if the tree is up before Thanksgiving day, am I right?! Well, maybe not, but I am who I am. That being said, a family tradition is gingerbread houses. One thing I am not is a cake or cookie decorator. In fact, every time I try to build a gingerbread house from scratch, they fall apart. That is why the prefabricated houses are key. I got these from Target, shipped right to the front door and not single wall was cracked. Phew!

Sugar Fairy Sweetness courtesy of my 7 year old

This particular set was from Target's WONDERSHOP collection. They were tiny and adorable. The perfect size for my three kids and niece to decorate before getting bored or eating all of the candy. Don't worry they did their fair share of devouring the sweetness before, during, and after.

I always like to add extra sprinkles, candy, and frosting to make each house unique. The kids love to eat their way through designing tiny versions of the witch's house in Hansel and Gretel. They each get their own set of candy, sprinkles, and frosting. The individual servings stop the bickering over who gets what and they focus on their own creative ways.

Their smiles say it all. Christmas pajamas, sugar highs, and family. What more could one need?

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