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An Enchanted Birthday

"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." Roald Dahl

Mermaids swam, fairies fluttered, unicorns mystified, and dragons roared.

While planning my daughters' joint birthday party in July, I asked their ideas on what theme they wanted. My younger daughter voted, "fairies" and the oldest shouted, "mermaids." I thought 'I could work with that,' but my seven year old figured it out for me and made it a magical creature party. I had my work cut out for me.

We decided on unicorns, mermaids, fairies, and dragons. A bit of a challenge in the decorating department, but we've all been home (non-stop) since March, so I was up for it. As luck would have it, my sister's baby shower was the weekend before and I had made the backdrop with orange, pink, and white paper lanterns. I turned that into the under the sea mermaid backdrop. I was thinking coral, shells, ocean and it turned out exactly as I wanted. The blue fringe made the whole piece!

Ocean Mermaid Backdrop

My husband's amazing aunt usually makes the family cakes and she is the BEST, but with everything going on, and the fact we decided last minute on a date, she wasn't able to come. My seven-year-old had her heart set on a mermaid tail pull-apart cake. How hard could it be???? Well, let's say it wasn't pretty, but she was ecstatic and praised me repeatedly. My inspiration was from Amber's Dessert Now Dinner Later. She gave a great tutorial and by no means does my poor attempt take away from that.

The mermaid room took shape quickly, so it was on to the next mythical creature. My five-year old was all about the fairies and I was too! I turned our foyer into an enchanted fairy garden and my girls said that it was their favorite room.

One happy fairy

I ordered fairy wings and floral crowns for all the cousins and they loved taking pictures using the magical fairy lights backdrop. It was an easy way to create different spaces for each magical creature room.

Guest Favors

Butterflies, big and small, flitted around the room and fairies were hidden on candles. The vanilla dome cake was sweet and simple adorned with paper fairies and butterflies.

Not to be forgotten, were the darker members of the mythical creature league: the DRAGONS. I turned our bar into the dragon's lair with red streamers hanging from the ceiling and kept the color scheme red, black, and white; a departure from my usual blue. My son thought this room was the best and I have to admit, I kinda agree.

Enter the Dragon Lair

By the time I got to the unicorns, I was running out of time and space, so we settled for a unicorn balloon and a banner on the mantle. The girls were happy to give grow unicorn favors and tiny unicorn bracelets to their cousins ( the guests) to round out the theme. Celebrating my two sweet, inspiring, little girls was the highlight of a summer with not much to do. The day was perfectly magical,

mythical, and enchanting.

"My heart BELIEVES in many things my eyes have never seen."

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